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Huawei Announces “World’s Biggest Smartphone” at CES2013

Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei announces the “World’s Biggest Smartphone” at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (#CES2013) with its Ascend Mate, sporting a 6.1″ screen, and its smaller sister the Ascend D2. The Ascend Mate is a clear challenge to Samsung and its recent success with the Galaxy Note II, which measures 5.5″.

Huawei Ascendmate 6.1″ smartphone // photo Mashable

Huawei Ascendmate 6.1″ smartphone // photo Mashable

Samsung has powered ahead in global smartphone popularity, its Galaxy S3 becoming the world’s most popular smartphone in November. In a growing market where everyone wants a piece of the profit, wonder if we’ll see a rivalry sprout between Huawei and Samsung. Like Samsung and Apple. Or Apple and Google. Cause tech just loves a good rivalry.

Huawei has been battling to place a foothold in the US, where the government holds it in suspicion and the public just has a hard time accepting Chinese brands. It’s gotten traction as a low-cost competitor to Apple and Samsung, but still lacks connections with key carriers. Maybe it just needs to ramp up on decent marketing, like HTC failed to do and which Samsung continues to pour an enormous amount into.

Personally, I’d be excited to see how the Ascend models hold up to other smartphones, with a longer battery life and water resistant features. You can also use it more easily while holding gloves. Smart. We’ll see if Huawei will be able to rebrand itself in the States this year, and grow on its home turf in China.

Here’s to watching mobile’s battle of the brands in 2013.

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