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Russians Like Windows Phones This Year, Group of Industry Insiders Reveals

MTS MoscowThe state of the Russian mobile industry is rather unique within the global mobile industry. Though it is similar in the sense that smartphones are trending upwards, according to a recent report, one apparent deviation is the fact that Windows Phones are actually selling well while iPhone sales have flattened.

Last month, a group of industry leaders held a talk on the state of the industry in Russia with RIA Novosti, an international news agency in Russia. The all agreed that inexpensive smartphones are the most important segment of the market, much as they are popular in China and much of the developing world.

Smartphones represent around 31% of the Russian phone market this year, which will be approximately 42 million phones. Competition is getting fierce, and the average price of smartphones is now roughly $330.

“The segment of inexpensive smartphones (up to 5,000 rubles or $165) is growing,” said Andrei Chukaev, director of subscriber equipment marketing for mobile operator MTS. According to MTS, retail sales of smartphones show a decrease for Nokia, an increase for Windows Phone, and a plateau for iOS.

Much like other countries, the Russian market is dominated largely by 3 telecom carriers: MTS, Beeline, and MegaFon. For MTS, there are twice as many users of Microsoft platform phones than Apple smartphones, according to the report.

With this new smartphone trend, it will not be long before companies make some headway. Lenovo, for instance, recently announced expansion plans to Russia for its smartphone line.

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines

Photo source Reuters

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