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Kogan Set to Disrupt the Australian Mobile Market, Unlimited Calls and Texts and 6GB Data for $29

Ruslan KoganRuslan Kogan, Australia’s youngest billionaire and entrepreneur who has built an empire through online electronics sales and a keynote speaker at GMIC 2012 last year, is now taking a huge bite out of Australia’s mobile market with a new prepaid service sporting highly competitive deals for mobile plans.

According to reports, Kogan’s website is now providing an unlimited call and texting service, as well as 6GB of data for roughly $29 a month, $79 for 90 days, and $299 for a year. When the subscriptions went on sale this December 12th, they sold more than 5,000 sims in the first night.

Loosely connected with Australia’s Telstra mobile network, the new service will also include an iOS and Android app that will give users access to usage data, account management and plan extensions. The prepaid plans will reach download speeds of 7.2Mbps  and upload speeds of 300Kbps-1Mbps.

The Australian mobile industry is apparently coming under investigation for confusing contracts that take advantage of consumers, so a simple product like this will be a welcome relief for Australian consumers.

“Providers are taking customers for granted and confusing the s— out of customers,” quotes Kogan. “Things like $49 for $500 worth of calls – what does that even mean?”


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