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[Interview] Ludei CEO Eneko Knörr Plans for Asian Partnerships, Says Android Will Win Next Year

ludei_logoLudei is a game technology company currently based in San Francisco (CA, USA) and Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). They develop tools for HTML5 that help developers seamlessly convert their games from HTML5 to iOS and Android. Additionally, they produce their own native mobile games which have already been downloaded by over 15 million people in 100+ countries.

We spoke with Eneko Knörr, CEO and Founder of Ludei, about his company’s history and plans, as well as his own assessment of the current mobile market. Ludei plans to expand through partners to Asia within the next two years and predicts that Android will take the crown next year.

Can you tell us a bit about your company history?

Our company started in Spain, though we moved a few months ago to San Francisco, as we heard it was the place to be for game technology. We think that HTML5 is the first way to make true cross-platform development, and that is what we do: HTML5 for gaming.

Which market in 2012 is your fastest growing market?

Most of our developers are from the US and Europe, in other words from most of the countries where game development communities are most active. But we think our future could be in Asia, and that maybe half our developers and revenue can come from Asia in the coming year or two years.

Which particular part of Asia?

I think China, Korea and Japan. It could be mainly China.

What type of effort is your company taking to penetrate this new market?

It is difficult to open new markets because of the culture and the ways of doing business, so we know we need partners and that we need to find the right people.

What does your ideal partner look like?

We think we could partner with mobile browser companies, game studios, or any company that has a large number of developers.

Where do you see the biggest change or changes in the industry in 2013?

We believe that the mobile web browser will be improving more and more and that there will be more web apps that will run perfectly. HTML5 will become more common and more powerful, but still apps will be more dominant in the market. Android is going to be the winner in 2013.

Right now Microsoft is trying to play catch up, and it looks like Apple is being challenged to keep its leadership position. Where do you see the market ratio between these three players in the next few years?

iPhone is doing well and keeping its marketshare, and Android is growing like crazy. We are expecting it to grow like crazy next year. Honestly, we are not expecting a higher marketshare for Windows Phone, not even in 2014.

And the ratio between Android and iOS?

The numbers are really clear for daily activations of Android phones and iPhones. Android has huge activations, totaling more than 1.3 or 1.5 million every day. They are gaining marketshare really quickly.

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