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Wink App from Copenhagen Allows Instant Photo Sharing with Nearby Friends

winklogoWhen people think about innovative startups, Denmark is probably not the country that comes to mind immediately. However, a quick look at some of the products coming out of Copenhagen might turn some heads. We caught wind of a new app out of Copenhagen called “Wink!” this week, and it looks like they have a solid solution to group photo hassles.

For travelers and friends who often stop on the road or in a venue to take a picture, sometimes it is particularly aggravating to have a good photo distributed to everyone, and sometimes it takes a month before friends send you emails with the photos. Imagine the hair-pulling that can come with slowly uploading photos online so that others can download them. They were sitting next to you as you took the photo, so why should you have to wait?

This is where Wink! comes in, making it easy and seamless to send your photos to nearby friends, avoiding issues of delay and forgetfulness.  Immediately after a photo is taken, all it takes is a simple Facebook login, and friends nearby will be able to receive photos from you on their phone or tablet with the click of a button.

Currently Wink is based in Copenhagen with a team of 9 members, and they are invested by Mangrove Capital Partners, a firm that was a first investor in Skype.

You can check out their promotional video here.

Personally, I feel like this is will be an incredible tool in Asia, where sharing photos is an ingrained cultural phenomenon. For most people, it can be aggravating to wait for a photo you want to share.

In China the only issue will be that Facebook is blocked, so it will be impossible to use the application until this issue is first addressed. Please change this Wink!

Currently Wink is available on iOS only, however they will be releasing their Android and Windows versions in the near future.


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