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Brazilian Smartphone Market Predicted to Be Third Largest by End of 2013

Brazil Mobile MarketBrazil is one of the world’s largest mobile markets, and some predict that it will even reach 3rd largest smartphone market by the end of 2013.

With a strong middle class making its way into the next wave of mobile technology, Brazil is a hot market for investors. Over 50% are addicted to their mobile phones, and thanks to regulatory circumstances for 3G licenses established in 2007, most of the country has mobile services, and smartphones are on the verge of a new breakthrough.

As it stands, Brazil is the sixth largest mobile market in the world, yet it is predicted that seventy-five million Brazilians will have a smartphone by the end of 2013. In fact, Brazil may surpass the smartphone users of Japan. An incredible feat indeed.

As in most developing countries, mobile is becoming a force for change and identity in Brazil, where technology is making it easier to connect and recreate. In the “favera” slum communities throughout Brazil, where most roads and landmarks are unmapped, new third-party maps are being made for mobile users to make themselves feel more at-home and respected in society.

Mobile Internet is on the rise in Brazil. According to Huawei Broadband Balance, the number of mobile broadband connections reached 63.5 million at the end of the third quarter 2012. Among those connections, approximately 80 percent were for 3G devices.

With the country changing at such a rapid pace, it will not be long before we see 4G make its way into the market. The Brazilian government is supporting 4G in the form of auctions for telecom carriers to purchase 4G bandwidth at competitive prices. Even George Soros is betting on the Brazilian 4G market with his recent purchase of Sunrise Telecomunicacoes.

Investors and entrepreneurs should take note of this up-and-coming boom market.

Source: Forbes

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