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Hong Kong Company Introduces Gigabit Connection for $25 a Month, Makes Chinese Upset

HKBNGiven the poor speed quality of most Internet services in Mainland China, for years there has been a lot of hair-pulling and finger tapping on desks around the country. Second quarter data from Akamai Technologies shows that the average speed of China’s Internet is approximately 1.48Kb/s.

Hong Kong is a slightly different case.

Recently, it was revealed that HKBN, one of Hong Kong’s broadband service provider, has decided to provide gigabit fiber-optic Internet service to citizens for the price of approximately $25 (199HKD), and it has a few people on the Mainland upset. According to the report, the deal will allow users to enjoy speeds that can download in one minute 3521 songs of an average size of 2.13MB, 5000 pictures each 1MB in size, or a 7.5GB movie.

Chinese netizens are not happy with this news, as the average price of a much slower 4M broadband plan in the Mainland is approximately the same price. The highest available speed on the Mainland is around 20MB/s, and it costs as much as 202-468 RMB a month ($32-$75), and most of the time the speeds are so bad that they do not even achieve the advertised rates.

According to one man in Shenzhen who recently purchased a six month 4MB package for 600 RMB ($96), but many times after checking the actual speed he has found that it is approximately 100Kb/s.  For comparison, the US has an average connection of 6.61Kb/s.

Source: TechWeb

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