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China’s 3G Speeds Are Not Even One Tenth Those of Korea and Japan

China’s 3G network speed is still not even one tenth the average speeds of Korea and Japan, a quality assessment conducted by UMNet revealed today.

In October 2012, average 3G rates  in China were 52.51Kb/s, with China Unicom speeds being the fastest at 55.04Kb/s, China Telecom’s service averaged 49.67Kb/s, and China Mobile averaged 28.26Kb/s. In contrast, the average rate of 3G networks in Japan and South Korea reached approximately 1400Kb/s.

Professor Zeng Jianqiu of Beijing’s University of Posts and Telecommunications believes that there are two fundamental reasons for the speed differences: that network coverage and development is still far from the level of Korea and Japan, and that there are far more users in China that must share coverage.

In order to solve this issue, he says that 4G should be implemented as soon as possible and that the speed of network integration should quicken.

Source: Sina Tech

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