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Cooliris Adds New Features to Popular Photo App, Includes Google Drive and Flickr Integration

The team over at Cooliris in Palo Alto has released a new update of their photo sharing application today with new support for Google Drive, Picasa/Google+, and Flickr. Cooliris is an app for iPad and iPhone that allows users to experience their photos and selectively share them all in one place.

Since its launch four months ago, the app has already exceeded 250 million photo views, says CEO Soujanya Bhumkar. Additionally, they have seen 50 million individual sessions with the application.

In addition to the options added in the update, users can share on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Images. The new Google Drive availability also includes a “genie” feature that leverages image recognition technology to search photos and tag them with landmarks, locations, and other details.

For those who are constantly taking photos and sharing them with friends, Cooliris is a way to aggregate them all in one location. In China, this is an especially useful tool for families and friends to share photos of their trips, outings and events with each other.

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