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To Russia With Love, Lenovo Makes Strategic Push with Smartphones

In an interesting tactical move, Lenovo has announced today that it is making a push into Russia’s smartphone market. As China’s second-largest smartphone vendor and the world’s largest PC manufacturer, it’s an obvious move for them as they move forward in a rapidly transforming industry.

Lenovo is poised to make an impact especially in developing markets this year, where they have already taken an initiative. In the past four months, Lenovo has entered India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Given the scale of their operations and their ambition to become a global smartphone leader, it won’t be long before Lenovo phones are used in a variety of markets abroad.

Russia is a logical move at this point. Beginning with their S880 and P700i models, the PC-maker and smartphone designer is aiming to make a dent in their growing mobile market.

Stephen Young, an analyst at Sun Hung Kai in Hong Kong, had the following to say about the move:  “Lenovo has a series of highly cost-effective products that meet the needs of emerging market consumers as they shift from feature phones to smartphones. Lenovo’s strategy is to open up markets that actually have scale and scope for growth. They believe that their phones can become one of the top five brands in the Russian market within a few years.”

Whatever the outcome of this push, it is a good move for Lenovo in the long term as they try to position themselves to compete on a global scale. Though Lenovo is in a comfortable position as the world’s largest PC-maker, they recognize that there are signs that the PC industry is waning and that mobile is on the rise. In two years, they have already captured a huge percentage of China’s smartphone market. To further solidify their position, they will have to expand.

Source: Sina Tech

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