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Cisco and Other US Companies Pose a Security Threat to China, Magazine Report Claims

A great deal of attention has been placed Huawei’s futile battle in the United States fighting security investigations. China is taking a measured response with some slowly emerging investigations into Cisco and other US companies.

An article released yesterday in China Economy & Informatization magazine takes a look at that way that American companies dominate the network infrastructure of China and insists that the US is the culprit in most of China’s cyber attack cases.

Information security in China is incredibly fragile, the article claims, and China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Team (CNCERT) found that of the nearly 50,000 foreign IP addresses that attacked Chinese networks in 2011, approximately 99.4% of them came from the US. Additionally, of the fake IP addresses trying to imitate Chinese bank account websites, three-fourths are from the US.

They warn that Cisco, IBM, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Apple, Oracle and Microsoft all hold significantly large market shares in China. Furthermore, without making any source references, they also make the claim that 90% of worldwide cyber warfare originates in the US.

Source: Sina Tech

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