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A Funnier Instagram? Otaku Camera Turns Life Into a Japanese Cartoon

There has been a proliferation of new apps in the past year related to photo enhancements and effects, the most famous of which is of course Instagram, but nothing has been as potentially hilarious as what was revealed to us today from the team at Tokyo Otaku Mode, as their newest app “Otaku Camera” is going to have a lot of people playing with it over the next few weeks.

Japanese manga is known for being a unique method of drawing and storytelling, but when it is made into a camera effect, it makes for unparalleled hilarity. Essentially the camera takes a black and white photo of any subject and adds cartoonish effects to the image. Users have the choice to change the background to whatsoever they please to add a desired feeling to the image. Currently there are 30 different effects that can be used to “mangatize” any object.

According to makers “Tokyo Otaku Mode,” the app is already No. 1 in Photo and Video apps in Thailand, even though it was released just last Friday.


“Otaku Camera” bears a striking resemblance to an app covered by TechinAsia recently that does the same thing called “Manga Camera.” There seems to be little difference between the two, other than the interface having a few differing options.

One can imagine these types of app having many uses, though my gut feeling is that in the long term they will not gain in popularity anywhere outside of Asia, as it will probably appear gimmicky in many western markets. Still, it is a fun idea and makes for some good laughs.


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