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Xiaomi Releases Set-Top TV HD Box, Connects to Mobile Devices

Smartphones are beginning to integrate with TVs in a whole new way. As promised by Xiaomi yesterday, they have released their new TV box set today, and it looks like they are ready to aggressively pursue this new market opportunity in their typically clean and fashionable, Apple-like manner.

Priced at 399 RMB ($65) for standard customers and at 299 RMB ($48) for Xiaomi phone owners, the box is described as a “high definition Internet video box” used to stream content online in HD to one’s personal television set.

The “Xiaomi Box” will use Android as its operating system, providing content that links with a variety of Internet services for games, music, videos and interactive content. Xiaomi is  known for its regular MIUI operating system updates for its Xiaomi phones, and the new service will receive the same treatment.

The box will also feature wireless linkage with compatible phones and tablets, allowing users to view their photos and videos on the television screen seamlessly. Additionally, a number of popular apps are installed as presets, including Douban Music and Plants vs. Zombies. The box is rather small, with only 21mm in height and a diameter of 105mm.

Xiaomi has already been authorized by Sohu, PPTV, Tencent, Sina, Funshion, Netease, and iFeng to utilize their video services for free. They plan to release the product to 600 fans for testing on November 16th (Friday) and will begin mass production early December.


Source: Netease

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