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Amazon’s Kindle Will Come to China Early Next Year

The rumor mill is always running in China, but at least today it is not political. Amazon is making an appearance in China with its Kindle e-reader, as last Thursday it was revealed that a Chinese version is now available. At the earliest, there will be one model listed by the end of the month, while in total about 5 models have already received certification. They expect to rollout the devices sometime in the first half of 2013.

E-readers have fallen by the wayside in the past two years, especially in China where tablets and smartphones have occupied the wish lists of most consumers; however, this will change quickly if Amazon can bring its established framework to China and adapt to its book market.

Since its launch in 2007, sales of e-books on Amazon Kindle have already surpassed traditional book sales in the US. Their latest model, Kindle Paperwhite, has already hit the markets and consumers are waiting as long as 4 weeks for shipments.

According to a Sina Tech report, an Amazon representative revealed to them anonymously that a Chinese version has been in the works for almost 2 years.

Still, there is skepticism that the Chinese will adopt e-readers in the same way that Americans have adopted them. If consumers in China are not yet ready to pay for e-books, Amazon might be looking for trouble. Yet with such a strong brand and with mature content, payment, and copyright protection systems, they will certainly change the industry rather quickly.

Source: Sina Tech

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