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Qihoo 360 Gets More Hilarious, Wants to Compete with Travel Sites Qunar and Ctrip

Qihoo 360 is just getting a bit funny now.

As if it were not enough to battle Xiaomi on smartphones, launch a new search engine,  and begin a legal battle with Tencent, the Chinese security software and Internet portal Qihoo 360 is now waging war on everyone in the Internet industry. Well…almost everyone.

Today, Qihoo 360, whose name means “strange tiger” as a play on Yahoo China’s name “elegant tiger,” has decided to join the travel industry as well with a new website at

Qihoo 360 has been looking for new business ventures this past year as the company has realized that security software and Internet portals will not be profitable and relevant in the long-term.

The company, who sometimes appears like a rampaging child in the persona of its CEO Zhou Hongyi, is probably looking to compete with Ctrip or China’s popular travel site Qunar, which to date is one of the only successful Internet companies started by a foreigner. Previously, Qihoo’s Internet portal had linked to Ctrip and Qunar for their services.

Though it is understandable for a company to be aggressive when pushing into new markets, the rhetoric of Qihoo’s CEO is not especially refined at times. It may very well be that the company’s efforts will be successful, but not without first rubbing people the wrong way and making enemies.

Qihoo has so far made no official statements about the website or their intentions.

Source: Sohu IT

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