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Gangnam Style’s PSY Opens Weibo Page, One Post Draws 50,000 Follows and 6,000 Comments

As a quick note, South Korea’s world famous “Gangnam Style” singer PSY today opened his own Weibo account. Dressed in his typical fashion with a pink blazer, he introduces himself in Chinese and describes the mission of his Weibo account.  The lone post drew 50,000 followers and 6,000 comments.  The post includes a picture and a short video message translated below:

“Hello everyone, I’m Gangnam Style’s PSY. I’ve heard that my Gangnam Style video has been very popular among the biggest of countries in the world: China. Now I have to tell you with enthusiasm and gratitude that I have good news: I have officially opened a Weibo! From now on you can follow my Weibo, and not before long, I will personally perform Gangnam Style for everyone.”

You can follow him here.

Thanks to @MissXQ for the spot on this one. Visit her blog here.

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