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China’s Guangdong Province Introduces Free Wifi Taxis to Fleet

The rapid growth of cities in the coastal provinces of China’s south, especially in Guangdong province (next to Hong Kong) has led to a boom in China’s tech industry in recent years, especially in cities such as Shenzhen, where manufacturers and tech companies have made the city into a manufacturing capital, with Foxconn as a notable example.

This trend makes it a given that technology is a part of the everyday lives of the people. Therefore, for taxi transportation, it makes sense that Internet should be available at all times, right?

Guangdong Mobile (China Mobile) is addressing this question, as they are now introducing free Wifi to taxis around the province. The move will surely make travel a bit more bearable in the hot and humid metropoles of China’s richest southern province.

The first 150 taxis equipped with Wifi are already on the road, and there will be 1000 by the end of the year. According to the report, this is Guangdong’s first 3G TD-SCDMA car project (TD-SCDMA is China’s alternative to the traditional W-CDMA 3G standard used in most countries).

Taxis will be equipped with 3G-MIFI mobile terminals, converting 3G service to Wifi in the vehicles. Download and upload speeds reportedly reach up to 2.8Mb/s. Each taxi can connect up to 5 devices, and tests show that the network is stable enough to have an hourly drop rate less than 2%.

This news comes in addition to last week’s announcement that Hangzhou, another city in China in Zhejiang province near Shanghai, is providing free Wifi citywide.

It looks like the trend in China seems to be towards free (or mostly free) Wifi service. When will Beijing get this?

Source: Sohu IT (Marbridge Daily)

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