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Move Over E-Commerce, Retail in China Gains Mobile Advantage with Jinjin Platform

On the coattails of a major boom in China’s retail industry, mobile apps are becoming crucial for marketing as business becomes increasingly dependent on technology and consumers gradually adapt to smartphones. With this as a strategic backdrop, Shanghai-based developer Appconomy is making a strategic move with the release of their newest service Jinjin, a cloud platform for big and small box retailers leverages mobile through an online marketplace and brings the efficiency of e-commerce to traditional retail.

As a country with a rising middle class where consumers are rapidly adopting new technology, China is an “ideal launchpad for the new age of retail commerce,” explains Brian Magierski, President of Appconomy.  While e-commerce has taken the stage in recent years, retail is making a comeback and the time is ripe for change. According to Mr. Magierski, “It was clear to us that the mobile smartphone could be a huge boost for physical retailers and make them even more powerful than their e-commerce counterparts once again.”

This is the value of Jinjin, a platform that brings all the benefits of the digital commerce world to the physical retail experience.  Using geo-fencing technology to provide tailored shopping services to consumers, Jinjin offers promotions and rewards based on the location of shoppers in the store, as well as stated search results and shopping lists. Additionally, through streamlined check-outs and registers on mobile devices, Jinjin eliminates wait-times for purchases. Imagine a store with no lines where smartphones perform all checkout procedures.

The new app targets specifically the food, beverage and retail industries, currently hot markets with room for growth in China. During the announcement on Thursday, Steve Papermaster, Co-founder and Chairman of Appconomy’s Board of Directors, pointed to Jinjin’s applicability to China’s “revolution in mobile” as it moves into retail chains and services.

“This is a huge value proposition for both retailers and consumers. We are not the only ones to see this, but we also believed strongly in the China-first strategy as the winning formula in this market. With few legacy barriers such as those that exist in the US and other Western markets and a rapidly growing middle class adopting mobile smartphones en masse and driving an emerging consumer economy, China is the ideal launchpad for the new age of retail commerce.” – Brian Magierski, President and CEO of Appconomy

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