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China Telecom Will Have the iPhone 5 in December

China Telecom has announced that the iPhone 5 will be available on its network sometime in December, though a concrete date has not yet been determined. They have told reporters negotiations with Apple have finished, and there is a possibility that they will release the iPhone 5 before China Unicom.

With anticipation mounting in China for the release, this news will be a boost to China Telecom in 2013, who has been running on 8% profit losses this year from January to September. Along with China Unicom, the two telecom giants are slowly catching up to their larger brother China Mobile, who up to this point has been unable to get the iPhone on its network.

China Telecom boasts that its 3G traffic is gaining rapidly. According to one industry source, Telecom customers with the iPhone are eating up 600MB per month on average, four times the industry average for 3G users. China Telecom has increased its 3G user-base this year by 5.8% to 59.7 million (as of September), while China Unicom increased by 5.0% to 66.9 million and China Mobile increased by 4.8% to 75.6 million.

Still, one source at Guangdong Telecom had the following to say: “It is already no longer an era of Apple, as they are now joined by Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Blackberry and HTC. These companies are constantly upgrading phone designs and expanding the amount of devices on the market.”

Source: Sina Tech 

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