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G-Startup Competition Finalists and Winners!

Beginning with over 120 startups from 24 countries competing, G-Startup was finally narrowed down to a top 20 list! The organizer, Gurpreet Singh, had the answers for us earlier this morning.

USA had seven finalists, with 2600hz, CheckInOn.Me, DestinationDoc, MixerBox Inc., Placed, Scandit and SnapCrowd. South Korea had three finalists, with Buddy Up, Moglue, and NaleBe. Japan and Russia followed with two finalists each: SnapDish and Prosbee from Japan, and Omyconf! and Disherence for Russia. With one finalist each, Brazil was represented by OOifme, China by Mugeda, Egypt by Yadget, Finland by Star Arcade Ltd, Italy by BadSeedEntertainment, and Switzerland by MILA.

These competitors were split between two categories, with 10 finalists each in the Seed Stage and Growth Stage phases. These two category distinctions represent different positions in the startup lifecycle.

After a few words from David Cao, President of GMIC-SV and CEO of Great Wall Club, Gurpreet announced the winners.

G-Startup Seed Stage Winner: Disherence. Disherence shows you the best dishes in any restaurant!

G-Startup Growth Stage Winner: Scandit. Scandit provides a best-in-class barcode scanning technology, product data, and analytics services!

Winning G-Startup provided a very valuable experience to these fledgling companies: They got 5-7 minutes on the Main Stage, and a chance to join an incubation program! This was really an excellent opportunity to grow – it’s was not only a lot of eyeballs on their startup, but the guidance and structure offered by an incubator.

Disherence and Scandit are off to big things, and I personally look forward to their bright future!


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