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Tim Draper’s University of Heroes May Be a Good Place for Global Entrepreneurs to Pitch Ideas

Tim Draper, the founder and Managing Director of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ),  a top-tier early-stage venture capital, spoke at the opening session of Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley (GMIC SV) this morning.

At the session, he talked about the school that he started for innovators, called ‘Draper University of Heroes’ to help people do great things. The school offers mainly 5 advantages: 1) future predictions, where they teach a combination of predictive analytics & science fiction; 2) design training, such as Photoshop and games; 3) marketing (not in the way business schools do it but more about viral marketing, social media, and cloud sourcing); 4) financing through simulation; 5) survival training. At the end of the training, the students are expected to give VCs 2 minute presentations.

The program is a six to ten week session targeting 18-20 year-old entrepreneurial minded young people. The next session will start in February. For those who are older or have less time, there is another two-week executive session in April-May time.

DFJ is a venture capital firm that is very active investing in overseas markets with affiliate offices in more than 30 cities around the world and over $7 billion in capital commitments. Tim himself launched the DFJ Global Network, an international network of venture capital funds. At GMIC SV, he said that he likes going to markets where no investors have gone yet, thus he was very early investors of China and India markets.

So, for those entrepreneurs overseas interested in attracting venture capital money from Silicon Valley, it may be worth going to this program and pitching your ideas at this school where there may be more investors  interested in global markets.

“You don’t need to spend two years in college to have a good sense of entrepreneurship”, says Tim Draper. He also says “We like to make Heroes.” Anybody who is interested is welcome to apply at

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