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Innovation is Ubiquitous – GMIC SV appAttack

As the organizers of the Global Mobile Internet Conference, Silicon Valley (October 19-20, 2012 at the San Jose Convention Center), we decided to host a global mobile app competition (appAttack) mainly to create buzz among developers and entrepreneurs participating actively in the conference.

The concept and the process of the competition is simple: Any individual or organization with a mobile app that has been released to the public recently can submit their app, and the top 100 are invited to participate at the conference as our guests. The creators of these apps can showcase their work at the Innovation booths to all the conference attendees.

As most of you know, the world of mobile apps is a crowded space, and standing out is often a challenging task.  Through this conference we will provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to launch, promote and showcase their creations in front of an audience hailing from 40 countries and all types of media sources.

A neutral panel of judges will evaluate the apps on day 1 of the conference and shortlist 20 of them. The following day, 5 of the 20 will be selected from a five minute pitch session in front of another set of judges comprised of industry experts. Subsequently, the top 5 will be given an opportunity to present their apps on the main stage, where the eventual winner will be announced.

And to make the competition more attractive to entrepreneurs and developers worldwide and promote appAttack through social media, we will pay for a round trip ticket to Silicon Valley to whomever submits the app on our website and gets the most ‘Likes’!

Sounds straightforward, right? Yet we found that appAttack reached far beyond its originally intended purpose, and for the better!

When you think of Egypt, especially after the recent political turmoil, the last thing that would probably come to anyone’s mind is innovation and entrepreneurship. However, we noticed that an Egyptian app called Yadget was gaining ‘Likes’ significantly faster than others.  We followed this exponential increase with interest and were curious to know where these ‘likes’ were coming from.

When the contest ended, the winner was Yadget, way ahead of others, with well over 10,000 likes. One of my colleagues reached out to Mohamed Kash, the owner of Yadget, congratulating him on being the winner and also inquired how he was able to generate so much interest for his app. I wanted to summarize his reply but wasn’t able to do justice by abbreviating it and still capture the whole essense. So it is best we share Mohamed’s reply [link to his letter], edited slightly for formatting, in its entirety.

I was not alone being fascinated by Mohamed’s efforts and admiring his dedication. Our conference theme is “Connecting Global Innovators” and this proves beyond a doubt that innovation is happening everywhere in the world, even in places where you least expect it. The world is changing through a combination of mobile, internet and social media, making innovation possible from all corners of the world. I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Good luck to Yadget/Mohamed and all other contestants in the appAttack!

We are delighted to host Mohamed Kash and all other executives, investors, entrepreneurs, developers and all those who are dreaming to make the impossible possible.

You are welcome to join us at GMIC SV this week! You won’t be disappointed.

Murthy Nyayapati

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