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Asia Now 45% of Internet Users Worldwide, Mobile Penetration at 82%

According to the Singaporean blog we are social, Asia’s mobile penetration rate has already reached 82% (3.1 billion users) and Internet penetration has reached an all-time high of 27% (1.03 billion). Additionally, mobile Internet users will reach 794 million by year-end. The following graph shows the breakdown.

The rapid rise of Internet infrastructure is beginning to make a showing in Asia. Asia also now accounts for 45% of the world’s Internet users, and 811 million of them are using social media, representing approximately 50% of social users worldwide. This year alone added 102 million new Internet users,  approximately the entire population of the Philippines. With China the clear champion, here is a breakdown of social media users in every country:

You can check out the full report below.


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