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Riots in Taiyuan Foxconn Factory Lead to Temporary Shutdown

Yesterday in the wee hours of the night, a dispute erupted in Foxconn’s factory in Taiyuan that led to a riot of some 2,000 workers. Taiyuan city, located in Shanxi Province (southwest of Beijing, China) is one of several locations for Foxconn’s operations in China.

For its part, Foxconn claims that a fight broke out last night around 11pm between rival worker groups that escalated enough to involve around 2000 people. Some workers were detained, though no further details were provided.

The rumors began propogating last night on Weibo, as TechinAsia reports, claiming that Foxconn guards beat someone, a move that may have lit up the workers, who typically work overtime in the middle of the night. Foxconn has temporarily shutdown the factory today stating the company wants “to give people time to cool down,” Bloomberg quotes Foxconn spokesman Louis Woo in Taipei.

Source: Bloomberg

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