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appAttack – The Next Wave of Mobile Innovation, Win a Free iPad

Every once in a while a new wave of innovative apps comes along, becoming the next big game-changer in mobile technology. This App often quickly begins to define the next generation of hardware rather than the other way around.

Will your app be industry redefining?

appAttack, the global competition for the latest and greatest mobile apps, is accelerating the process by introducing and popularizing the most important apps for mobile innovation. So far thousands have voted for their favorite app to win the appAttack, all of which will be presented at GMIC SV this October 19-20. Prizes are sponsored by Google Admob and provided by appsfire and Startmeapp.

Currently ahead with more than 2,800 votes is Yadget, an app that creates virtual sticky notes for products and places. Close in second is Gushcloud, allowing users to “gush” their interests and earn reputation points for relevant content.

What will the next mobile and social wave look like? Is your app the key?

Only 8 days remain to submit for applications. The contest will close on September 28th!

All those voting, go to appAttack now to vote for your favorite app and have the chance to win an iPad!

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