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Tencent Suing Qihoo for Damages

A dispute between Tencent and Qihoo that began in 2010 was taken to court yesterday, accusing Qihoo of deliberately seeking to ruin the reputation of Tencent’s QQ chatting service through security software Koukou Guard. Qihoo is suspected of attempting to damage QQ’s image by telling anti-virus software users that QQ is scanning their computers for private information. Tencent is reportedly seeking 125 million RMB in damages ($19.8 million).

Qihoo 360, a controversial company run by its sometimes erratic boss Zhou Hongyi, has been fighting with Internet companies for years. This year alone, Qihoo has already fought with phone-maker Xiaomi and search-engine giant Baidu, both over separate issues related to new product competition and Qihoo’s product expansion.

Tencent’s case is being heard by Guangdong Province Higher People’s Court. They claim that Qihoo’s service disabled many value-added services in QQ, which affected the companies income. For its part, Qihoo claims that Koukou helps users by letting them choose to remove value-added plug-ins and that it software is only ensuring healthy market competition.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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