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GMIC SV is One Month Away: Speaker Lineup Includes Facebook VP of Mobile and CEO of EA

GMIC SV is now just a month away.

We are very proud to announce the following industry movers as recently added keynotes:

  • Vaughan Smith, VP of Mobile, Facebook will be delivering a keynote on Facebook’s mobile strategy.
  • Lei Jun, CEO, Xiaomi was recently highlighted in Forbes as the man with a smart phone giving the iPhone a run for its money in China.
  • John Riccitiello, CEO, Electronic Arts, the leader of the largest publisher of free to play games on mobile, will share his vision for the future of mobile gaming.

In addition to adding incredible speakers to our lineup, we’re nearing the submission cutoff for our global mobile app and startup competitions.

  • G-Startup competition submissions are due today, September 18, 11:59pm PST.
  • appAttack, our global competition for the latest and greatest apps, has extended its submission deadline to September 28. If you have an app that launched less than a year ago, and you want global exposure, join the competition.

Have you registered for GMIC SV yet? Look at this list of everyone who has already registered for GMIC SV.

Hope to have you join us October 19-20,

The Global Mobile Internet Conference Team

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