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Google Halts Alibaba Cooperation with Acer

Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, has recently stepped into mobile phones with its Aliyun (“Ali Cloud”) OS, a system that Alibaba wants to become the “Android of China.” Recently, it was revealed that Alibaba would be cooperating with Taiwanese electronics giant Acer, who had agreed to install Aliyun OS on one of their new phones.

To commemorate the occasion, a conference was set to be held last week, but it was mysteriously cancelled by Acer at the last minute. According to Netease, it was Google who pressured Acer to cancel on the basis that Alibaba’s OS is ripping off of Android.

Alibaba has admitted that the Aliyun system uses the Android framework and tools, but they have denied that Aliyun is a modified version of Android. However, Aliyun also includes Android apps, as well as pirated Google apps, a point that was stressed by Google’s Android Chief Andy Rubin.

In response, Google threatened to withdraw cooperation with Acer–who currently uses Google Android for 90% of its smartphones–unless they withdraw their partnership with Aliyun.

Originally released in 2011, the Aliyun OS has already been sold on 1 million smartphones as of May 2012.

Source: Netease

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