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GMIC SV Speaker Niccolo de Masi: Glu Mobile Set to Gain Revenue from iPhone 5 Games This Year

With analysts predicting that the iPhone will sell 33 million units this quarter, popular game-maker Glu Mobile expects to see a boost in sales this year, with two-thirds of its revenue coming from Apple’s iOS mobile platform, says CEO Niccolo de Masi.

Predicting that revenue will reach between $94.4 million and $96.4 million in its financial report last month, Glu Mobile claims that iOS will take up the largest portion of sales this year, especially given the fact that iOS is the most popular platform in China, soon to be the world’s largest smartphone market according to IDC.

“The main advantage Apple has right now is that they are doing great business in China,” Reuters quotes Niccolo.

Glu Mobile plans to release 8 to 10 more games this year in addition to the 12 it released earlier in the year. All of them are optimized for iOS, though Niccolo believes that Android will eventually match iOS in revenue.

This is a likely trend, as a variety of low-cost Android smartphones have flooded the market this year in China, challenging the supremacy of Apple.

Glu Mobile is a developer of interactive games for smartphones that competes with the likes of Zynga Inc.

Niccolo de Masi will be one of our main speakers at GMIC SV this October!

Source: Reuters




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