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Qihoo’s Search Engine Will Be an Open Platform, Smartphone Still in the Pipeline

In an exclusive interview with Sina Tech this morning at the 2012 China Internet Conference, Zhou Hongyi, the man behind Qihoo 360 whose recent battle with Baidu captured headlines in China, announced that 360 will be using its search engine as an open platform, piggybacking on Google’s ad system.

“360 Search will learn from mature companies like Google by following international commercial models, avoiding bidding competitions for rankings and clearly separating promotional links from search results,” says Hongyi.

He also invites smaller search engines and even competitors to cooperate with 360 to mutually improve search results, as he notices that “no company can be the best in every type of search.” He points to Ctrip and eLong, for example, as companies good in their respective fields, though limited in scope. Therefore, he will propose partnerships with these types of companies.

As a final note, Zhou Hongyi said that Qihoo is currently finalizing its discussion of its search engine domain name, narrowing the options to “” and “” The company is also planning to release its own phone, which will be priced in at 1499 RMB and will include a large screen and a quad-core processor.

Source: Sina Tech

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