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Statistics About iPhone Sales Rankings in China Are Inconsistent

The news that iPhone sales rank seventh in China’s smartphone market has drawn much attention. However, a similar report by another market research company shows the result that iPhone ranks second. Which one is more believable? Actually, the sales of iPhone won’t be so optimistic in China with regard to relatively low living standards.

Differing Statistics About iPhone Sales

Many market research companies have an interest in tracking iPhone’s performance in China. According to IHS iSuppli, Apple ranks seventh with a shipment of 5.2 million handsets, accounting for 7.5% of the domestic smartphone share in the first half of this year, far behind Samsung’s 20.8%. Data from Sino are much similar: iPhone sales volume isn’t within the top six.

However, Gartner, the loyal iFan company, comes out with the conclusion that Apple ranks second with a market share of 17.3% in Q1, following 19.2% of Samsung closely. As for the overall OS market share, Needham & Company presents a different idea with 70% for Android and 17.3% for iPhone.

Less Optimistic About iPhone’s Performance

Who isn’t telling the truth here?

In fact, the report by Gartner in the middle of August gives itself away. According to the report, iPhone sales volume in Q2 reached an increase of 47.4%, which is inconsistent even with Apple’s financial report, stating a 26% decrease of the same period when released just ten days later. Gartner has exaggerated greatly about Apple’s performance in China. The chief analyst Anshul Gupta is used to claiming that Apple and Samsung take nearly half of the market share together. Yet he neglects to mention the popularity of low-end smart phones. In China, low-end smart phones, as well as LG, Sony, and Motorola take a combined 60% of the market share at least.

Last but not least, many users in China prefer smart phones priced less than 1,000 because of limited incomes. Furthermore, operators have to pay more compensation for every iPhone they sell, so they’re more likely to sell low-end smart phones. Apple may have to make more effort to take the second place in China.

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (Sina Tech)

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