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NetEase Recruiting From Motorola Layoffs in China

The status of laid off workers from Motorola has captured a lot of attention recently, and it is has especially drawn the attention of NetEase, one of China’s four main portal sites, who is now reportedly extending the olive branch to former employees of Motorola. Though it is common in the IT industry to have employees hastily switch to other companies after a layoff, the behavior of NetEase seems to imply much more than just an effort to recruit. People point to Netease’s former plans to release a mobile phone as a possible explanation.

Early in May, NetEase announced its intention to enter the mobile phone industry by launching its own mobile phone line, and many media reports even published the configuration and price of the phones. However, the plan was effectively aborted when NetEase’ CEO William Ding avoided reference to its mobile phone plan at a press conference in Hangzhou in July. This was later confirmed by insiders at NetEase.

NetEase’s actions could suggest some provocative ideas. It seems to implicate that NetEase is still eager to make its own mobile phone. Some even predict that NetEase may employ a similar business model as Xiaomi.

Maybe this is a chance for NetEase to pick up their mobile phone plan. Anyway, it is testimony of NetEase’s plans for mobile Internet at the very least.

According to an insider, NetEase has contacted the HR Department of Motorola in Nanjing and is arranging a team in its own HR department for the recruitment of new employees.

Sources: Cninin, Sina Tech

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