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GMIC SV – appAttack is Now Accepting Submissions


For any developers who haven’t heard of Asia’s largest mobile Internet conference GMIC, we will be coming to Silicon Valley this October with a host of exciting events for you. Today we’re pleased to inform you that our appAttack competition is accepting submissions!

For eager entrepreneurs out there looking to gain some more exposure, appAttack gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your product in front of an audience of 1500+ entrepreneurs and investors. Not only will all app developers receive a Free developer pass to GMIC SV, but the top 100 apps will be given a free booth as well. Top prizes include:

  • A Free trip to San Jose for GMIC SV ($3,000 value) for the top app.
  • Demonstration of your app in front of 1,500+ mobile executives and investors on the GMIC SV Main Stage
  • Demonstration of your app to thousands of other developers with a booth at GMIC SV
  • A scheduled meeting with executives from top mobile internet companies at GMIC SV

If your app is fresh and innovative, less than one year old, or wants more global exposure, appAttack is the perfect opportunity to make your name globally recognized!

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