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Should China’s Mobile Browsers Follow the OS Trend?

Mobile browsers are expected to become the main method for mobile access to the Internet in China, and whether or not they are built-in to the operating system appears to be of great significance. Though a report by Analysys International in Q2 2012 shows that third-party mobile browsers take a share of approximately 242 million active users in China, with the competition in mobile phone browsers fiercer than ever, companies will find it more and more difficult to maintain their share if they continue to offer only one service. With a clear business model, browser vendors can create more revenue by sharing profit with search engines and websites, as many companies in Western markets have already made this move.

In the global market, Apple Safari takes up 66.22% of the mobile browser market share, followed by Android and then Opera. This implies that built-in browsers/operating systems are the most popular. Google, for instance, has already created its own operating system Chromium OS based on its browser Google Chrome. Mozilla is also gaining some popularity with its Firefox OS (also called Boot2Gecko), claiming that mobile phones with this OS from TCL and ZTE will come out as early as 2013 through Telefónica in Brazil.

The domestic mobile browser market has traditionally been shared by UCWeb, QQ Browser and Opera. Yet they are threatened by Apple and Google, who have created their own platforms with rich hardware and operating system platforms for mobile phones. Anyone with a built-in browser has a stronger likelihood of survival. In this regard, the largest contender in China is QQ Browser, which takes advantage of Tencent’s platform, including popular applications like QQ and Weixin that take up a large proportion of traffic in China. In response to this, both UCWeb and Opera are taking measures to build their own platforms respectively.

They should work faster.

Source: Sina Tech

Edited by Matt Johnson

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