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Motorola Staff Cuts Spur Resistance in China

Motorola announced last week that it will be cutting its staff globally by 4,000 employees, and it is estimated that 1,000 of those layoffs will be in China. In response to this news, more than 100 employees gathered to protest this layoff last Friday at Motorola’s software center in Nanjing. They believed that the company’s actions were too harsh and they wanted to negotiate.

According to an employee from Motorola China in Nanjing, the company had not communicated with employees about the layoff announcement, so they initiated a protest in order to defend their rights.

The company is taking measures to deal with this protest including negotiations with the layoff staff and other additional compensations. Additionally, the senior executives of Motorola Global and Motorola China are going to Nanjing to communicate with the layoff staff face-to-face.

The layoff affair is bringing Motorola back into the public light. Since its acquisition by Google, Motorola has been fading away from the market. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside says they are planning a transition by launching a number of mobile phones to focus on several competitive markets. However, the market hasn’t seen any improvement for Motorola mobile phones. According to iMedia Research, Motorola took a share of only 3.5% in China’s smart phone market in Q2 2012.

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (Sina Tech 1, 2)

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