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Baidu Working on Chinese Version of Siri


Since the release of Siri by Apple, voice applications have risen to fame practically overnight. Piggybacking on the great success of Siri, several Internet giants seem to be speeding up the development of voice related products. The latest in China is Baidu, with its strong technology and capital support, who has recently stepped out of the box to develop some interesting new products.

Baidu has reportedly set up a Multimedia Department recently to specialize in the research of voice and image technology. The principal of the department, Yu Kai, last week revealed what Baidu had been working on through a simple demonstration. By speaking into the phone and saying in Chinese “I want to listen to ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ (a famous Chinese love song),” the mobile phone jumps to the song on Baidu’s MP3 page automatically.

Baidu claims that this product will have similar functions to Siri, with its own characteristics at the same time. “Baidu will make it an open voice platform for developers,” says Yu. However, when asked about the voice recognition rate, Yu would not reveal any details.

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (36KR)

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