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Xiaomi’s M2 Revealed in Beijing with Great Fanfare at 1999RMB Pricetag

Xiaomi’s new M2 phone was released earlier today in Beijing’s famous 798 District with great fanfare and applause. With noticeable pauses for cheers from the crowd, the audience was orange with delight, sporting Xiaomi T-shirts and M1 phones in hand. The auditorium appeared to be carved out of what had been an old coal processing basin, invoking images of industry and revolution. Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, in typical fashion, roused the audience for the occasion with a grand presentation revealing the phone’s features.

With a Qualcomm 8064 processor, the phone will pack a punch at 1.5Ghz. The screen is 4.3 inches, and it will be able to reach a resolution of 1280 x 720 with 342 PPI. For graphics, the phone utilizes an Adreno 320 processor, providing it with graphics capabilities 4 times the performance of the original Xiaomi, reaching the capabilities of Microsoft’s original Xbox, Lei Jun boasted.

The phone’s USB charger will double as an HDMI port, much in line with the iPhone. It will also sport 2GB RAM, 16 GB of memory and a much larger battery. “Is this battery large?” “YES!” the crowd shouted. A photo of the battery revealed that it was noticeably taking up much of the length of the device; however, Lei Jun explained that it would not significantly affect the thickness of the phone. In fact, the device will be slimmer than the M1.

In terms of the camera, the phone will be able to take wider angles (77 degrees) for pictures at 8 megapixels, and it will include 1080p video capability.

Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system will also receive an upgrade to Android 4.1, and it is now sub-named “Miyou” (米柚). MIUI has already reached 6 million users worldwide, and it will be available in 23 languages.  It will be the first Android 4.1 phone in China.

Xiaomi will be upgrading substantially its MIUI operating system. The system will sport it’s own free or “freedom” desktop that will host a variety of customizable, colorful tables with what was described as a desktop with “100% personality.” Miliao, the mobile chatting software currently competing with Weixin, will also receive an overhaul, with its own PC version in the works, as rumored last week with Xiaomi’s acquisition of MSNLite.

So what will the price be? After teasing the audience and building suspense for a moment, Lei Jun revealed that the price would be 1999 RMB. When will it be available for purchase? October. With the new iPhone slated for release around the same time, it appears that Xiaomi aims to challenge Apple this year in China.

All of the presentation screenshots can be found on Xiaomi’s Weibo here.

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