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China Mobile Looks to Expand Its Service Globally from Hong Kong

China Mobile, 4G, Hong Kong

China Mobile announced the construction of its Global Network Center in Hong Kong yesterday, providing global users with services that include international network access, voice exchange and mobile roaming.

According to China Mobile’s President Li Yue, the success of this project will enable China Mobile to supply users with competitive communication services in Hong Kong and on a global scale. This action seems to indicate that China Mobile will be reaching out to global markets from its base in Hong Kong.

China Mobile is not performing in the domestic market. According to Baidu’s Mobile Internet Development Trend in Q2 2012 published today, China Mobile is still the leader among mobile Internet operators with 62.4% of the market share; however, its market share has been declining continuously for several quarters, with China Unicom and China Telecom taking more and more shares.

“With the rapid development of smart terminals and the explosion of flows, competition in both the traditional telecom industry and the mobile Internet field is changing,” said Xi Guohua, Chairman of China Mobile, at in internal meeting several days ago.

These trends are compelling China Mobile to consider adapting its organizational structure and it is beginning to take action. Can the operator giant succeed both at home and abroad?

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (Sina Tech 1, 2)

Edited by Matt Johnson

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