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HTC Struggles in Europe and America: Seeking a Way in China

HTC in America, Europe, and China

HTC has encountered winter in the European and American markets due to the pressure from Apple and Samsung. Now it has transferred its focus to expanding its market in China.

As a smart phone manufacturer from Taiwan, HTC put its focus on Europe and America in late 2010. Its first Android smart phone won HTC attention from the whole world several years ago. However, it failed to competition with Apple and Samsung in overseas markets with only 5.9% of the global smart phone market share. A financial report last Friday showed that HTC faced a 27% decline in revenue in Q2.

Zhou Yongming, CEO of HTC, explained that HTC was transferring its focus to China and India to make up for the decline in Europe and America this June. Since then, HTC has been expanding its working team in China, trying to enrich its sales channels and take a larger share of the domestic smart phone market. According to Analysys International, HTC ranked ninth in Q1 with a share of 2.6%. In Q2, HTC realized a growth from 2.6% to more than 6% in the domestic market.

HTC wishes to expand 3% to 4% of in its market share for each of the coming two quarters.

However, Melissa Chau, an analyst from IDC, believes that in the long run, HTC still has to compete with Apple and Samsung; additionally, it has to be aware of the attack from domestic smart phone companies, including Huawei, Lenovo and others.

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (iResearch 1, 2)

Edited by Matt Johnson

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