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Gionee Aims to Ship 15 Million Smart Phones in 2012

Gionee wants to move to smart phones.

Gionee, a tier-two manufacturer in China traditionally popular for its feature phones, is planning to push into the smart phone market as soon as possible, as it is a “good” moment though not the “best” moment according to the assessment of CEO Liu Lirong.

Gionee ranks seventh in the domestic market with a 12% market-share, following recent statistics from Canalys. Up to this point, the company has focused mainly on feature phones. Liu Lirong believes, however, that it is not “too late” enter the market. Claiming that it is a natural trend, he believes his company must move to smart phones just as phones moved “to color from black and white screens” in the past.

After 2003, he says, it was impossible to compete with brands such as Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson. But the game has changed. Liu Lirong is much more confident now that domestic brands are in a position to compete with international brands. In 5 to 10 years, he predicts there will be 10 global manufacturers of phones, of which probably “one or maybe more” will be Chinese.

This trend is likely to be followed by other feature phone manufacturers as they recognize that they cannot miss out on the opportunity to enter this market. Still, there is reason to believe that there may be a surplus of smart phones on the market very soon.

What are their goals? To begin with, they are targeting 36 million in shipments this year, including 15 million smart phones.

Source: Sina Tech

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