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Born in the 90s: Unique Characteristics of China’s Mobile Generation

China's Mobile Generations behaves differently.

Many people in China nowadays make use of their downtime on mobile phones using IM services or playing with other apps. It can be seen on the streets and subways of every major city. Those born in the 90s are China’s first generation of mobile phone users surfing the Internet, and they have some interesting characteristics.

Since 2012, nearly 7 million young adults of this generation will graduate from college and enter society every year, representing the greatest potential for consumers in the mobile market. Additionally, a majority of the 29 million university students currently enrolled in China are of the post-90s generation. As a group that has grown up with the environment of the Internet, the children of the post-90s generation are distinct in the ways that they receive information, process ideas, behave towards others and so on. According to a survey in 2011, 70% of them have been in contact with the Internet since they were in primary school.

The Post-90s generation has some distinct features. For example, they are much more willing to pay for applications and they are highly likely to share products and experiences. They are unique in their behavior and in their attitude towards the Internet. It is, for instance, not difficult to find the following characteristics in the post-90s:

  • Ÿ   Chatting and making friends as a main purpose for using the Internet. Additionally, reading e-books, playing games and listening to music are common aspects of mobile phone use.
  • Ÿ   Tending to categorize friends into groups both online and offline.
  • Ÿ   Using mobile phones most frequently to access the Internet.
  • Ÿ   Consuming rationally and seldom purchasing on impulse, though habitually paying for things that appear to bring a fresh new experience.
  • Ÿ   Using the Internet as a source for acquiring information more than traditional media.
  • Ÿ   Showing more respect for people’s characteristics and freedoms, with more tolerance towards different notions and behaviors.
  • Ÿ   Willing to be action-oriented and to practice their dreams.
  • Ÿ   Disseminating products they approve of.
  • Ÿ   Making their own decisions when encountering problems instead of turning to parents for help.

Because of these characteristics, applications targeting them are easier to bring to market. Furthermore, post-90s children are full of creativity. Some of them seize the chance to develop their own applications and start their own businesses in the wave of mobile Internet. Undoubtedly, the post-90s generation will gain more focus as it becomes more and more crucial to China’s mobile Internet industry.

Translated from the Chinese original (Sina Tech) by Stella Wang

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Edited by Matt Johnson

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