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Android Games in China May Overtake iOS Games in Q3

Android mobile games are getting popular in China.

Some predict that Android may perform better than iOS in revenue in Q3 this year. Revenue for games on iOS has seen no change in the past eight months, while Android game revenue has multiplied by five or six fold.

One reason may be that Android game developers face fewer technological obstacles when developing games now. The biggest headache caused by adaptation is basically resolved because mobiles are all trending towards the 4.0 inch model. Additionally, some new Android games specially catering to Chinese Android users have been making the Android game market accelerate. Some Chinese Android-based games include Zhanhun ( and Shenjiangchuanqi (

Is iOS out of date? Apple has kept up a miracle for two years, but some expect that this will fade beginning in September. According to a report by Canalys, Android mobile phones take up 81% of smart phone shipments so far this year. The shipment of Apple products in Q2 has lagged behind the combined forces of Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei in China.

Maybe Apple should pay more attention to China’s smart phone market. Until now, Apple has only six chain stores in China to sell its products, far from enough to go round. And it overlooks China Mobile when choosing its operators. Many applications don’t even consider the needs of Chinese users very carefully. In other words, Apple still has a lot of room to perform better.

Since its inception, the war between iOS and Android hasn’t skipped a beat. Apple iOS used to lead with its advantages in better technological support, longer battery life, excellent applications, etc. But who will be the final winner?

Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (TechWeb/Netease)

Edited by Matt Johnson

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