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China Unicom Chooses Samsung for Tablet Partnership

Tablet partnership

Confirming that competitors are looking to stir up some trouble for Apple, it has been revealed today that China Unicom will be cooperating with Samsung for its first tablet partnership ever targeting the broader Chinese public.

The model of the tablet will most likely be the popular Galaxy P3100. According to reports, China Unicom will likely start selling the tablets early this month, presumably packaged with their 3G plans.

While Apple still holds the reigns in the tablet market, competitors are building obstacles for the company on a variety of levels. After concluding its landmark case with Proview and awarding the company $60 million for trademark rights in early July, Apple has begun to sell the iPad 2 in China. Still, many have reported that the new iPad seems to be receiving a quiet showing this year.

China Unicom is widely recognized for having the most reliable 3G network in China. Though Samsung is far behind Apple’s global sales of 17 million units since the iPad 2 launch in March, the Korean giant has still made its mark. Tablet sales for the company have reached 2.4 million units this year, an increase of 117% over the same period last year.

For China, the focus seems to be on cheap smartphones these days, though tablets are not far behind on the wish list. Given that the price of Samsung tablets is normally less than 3000RMB ($470), Apple should watch its back.

Source: Sina Tech

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