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Baidu Cooperates With Sina in Mobile Field

Baidu and Sina announced a strategic cooperation on July 31. They will collaborate on search, content, platform, technology and resources, in order to provide netizens with excellent integrated mobile Internet search and information technology. on mobile phones is now employing Baidu as the default search service provider. Users can login to and enjoy rapid, rich information and application search services. Sina is the second Internet giant to achieve full cooperation with Baidu in the mobile search field after Apple.

Based on their strategic cooperation, Baidu and Sina will focus on search, content, platform etc. in their cooperation. As for the search engine, on mobile phones will implant the Baidu mobile search box on all of its pages. Baidu mobile search will also optimize the presentation of search results. With Baidu’s mature search technology, Sina will be able to improve users’ search experience on mobiles more efficiently. Meanwhile, the cloud intelligence terminal of Baidu will pre-install the Sina Weibo client. Once the two companies integrate their open platform data, users will have much better and richer mobile browsing experience.

Yue GuoFeng, Vice President of Baidu’s Mobile & Cloud Department, believes that the interaction of mobile Internet users presents a higher standard, and that information tends to be fragmented. Baidu mobile search solves this problem by letting netizens acquire information and applications anytime anywhere. Mr. Yue also says that Baidu insists on a strategy of opening and cooperating with others in the mobile space. With the deepening of its strategy with Sina, more and more Internet companies will be able to perceive the value of mobile search.

One expert in the mobile industry says that Baidu accounts for more than a 50% share of the mobile search market. Sina is the biggest portal site in China with a extensive user-base and social network on Sina Weibo. An alliance between the two giants will help the development of mobile Internet substantially in China.

Source: Translated from the Chinese original by Stella Wang (

Edited by Matt Johnson

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