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Smartphone Penetration in China Represents a Huge Security Risk

With the rapid spread of smartphone use in China, security threats are becoming a greater issue with the higher probability and availability of software vulnerable to viruses and backdoors. The MIIT has made it clear today that security will be one focus going forward. Netqin, a software security company, has said that it has found 17,676 new forms of mobile phone malware since the beginning of this year, a 42% increase since last year that has infected approximately 12.83 million phones, a 177% increase since last year.

China’s 3G market this year has reached a total of 16.7% penetration, representing an incredible market for growth. Total shipments of smartphones for the first half of this year have already reached 94.86 million units, representing 48.7% of the entire mobile phone market so far this year.

It will not be long before the smartphone market overtakes feature phones. Still, this presents an issue of security that cannot be overlooked. Last month, the MIIT released a report on the “Strengthening of Smartphone Management on the Internet.” Now the MIIT is reportedly launching a platform that will be used to verify and secure the safety of every mobile application, presumably to detect security issues before they make an impact.

Source: Fei Xiang (iFeng)

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