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First Look at China Joy 2012

Apart from the throngs of women putting on their makeup in cafés, subway stations and street corners this morning, for the time being there is little to report at China Joy 2012. Hundreds of gaming companies show up for China Joy 2012 every year, some to present games, others to present products, though a vast majority of the booths have generally the same look and feel to them. Honestly, many companies were displaying women more than they were displaying products. Like this…

Planetside 2 had the largest presence, with a grand competition platform for spectators. Blizzard and Tencent cooperated over their booths and placed themselves right next to their biggest competition over at EA, perhaps to celebrate their latest deal over Call of Duty online. This can only add to rumors that Activision Blizzard may be on the way to a majority stake purchase from Tencent.

While there is little news to report at this time, you can look to TechinAsia’s report today that China’s games industry now represents a whopping $3.93 billion USD in the first half of 2012, which is an 18.5 percent increase from last year, though mobile games make up a measly $19.94 million USD of that pie. Still, progress is being made, with 78 million new mobile game players added this year, a 70.9% increase since last year. Today’s massive exhibition serves as proof of this trend.

Source: Marbridge Consulting (TechinAsia)



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