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China Telecom Expands to South Korea

Yesterday China Telecom celebrated officially its newest foray into the greater Asia-Pacific market with the opening of its newest branchs in Seoul, South Korea. The unveiling ceremony, which took place Thursday in Seoul, marks the addition of China Telecom’s newest member of the family, now totaling 10 countries in Asia (excluding Hong Kong SAR).

According to reports, China Telecom hopes that these new developments will promote the further integration of China’s and the ROK’s telecom sectors. As might be expected, the state-owned giant intends to help Chinese companies enter the Korean market and to help Korean companies enter the already massive Chinese market.

Given that the number of mobile Internet users in China recently reached 388 million, while the number of Internet users in total has reached 538 million, this exchange should prove to be beneficial for both sides. Additionally, the highly developed Internet infrastructure in Korea (compared to China) will hopefully begin to have more of an influence on Chinese technology as the burden of rapid expansion continues to weigh down on the traditional state-controlled model.

Source: People’s Daily (Sina Tech)

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