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Defend China’s Islands…On Your iPad!

This morning on Candou, a marketplace for mobile applications that bears remarkable resemblance to the platform over at Wandoujia–no judgement passed of course–news was released about an entertaining new game for the iPad and iPhone entitled “Defend the Diaoyu Islands.” The description reads rather emphatically:

Defend the Diaoyu Islands, for they are the inalienable territory of China! Recently, the Japanese government has been saber-rattling, making attempts to seize the Diaoyu Islands and even arresting our fishermen compatriots while selling off fish from the islands. Today, you can vent your anger by trying this game demo, working together to eradicate all Japanese devils landing on the island and turning them back towards their own lands. Defend the Diaoyu Islands!

The game has 71 stages to it, with each stage presumably representing a different island of the famously disputed Diaoyu or “Fishing Islands” in the East China Sea. China claims the islands, though Japan has effective control over them, calling them the “Senkaku Islands.” Taiwan also lays its own claim to the islands. Players are faced with an approaching line of Japanese soldiers, and the objective is to make sure none of the soldiers pass the Chinese line of defense by performing all types of moves that either delay or eliminate advancing soldiers.

Every skill or attack requires a certain amount of “rage” level to execute. Naturally, without this rage level, skills cannot be used to defend the onslaught. Attacks include the following: “throwing a net, ‘bearing down with the weight of Taishan mountain,’ a laser assault, a ‘five-star double attack,’ thick clouds, pitfalls, tornadoes, ‘a pillar in the sky,’ and flame combustion.” The game appears to be somewhat along the lines of Plants vs. Zombies in this sense.

What is perhaps different is that you can use “blood bottles, anger pills, and shield items” that allow the user to replenish health and rage or temporarily delay the troops by making the line invincible for a few moment. These items can be purchased at any time in the game store, while money is accumulated over time by scoring points and finishing stages.

Though the premise is a bit political and probably funny in a sense, the game appears to be relatively well constructed. Now if only we could get it to download…

You can find the game on China’s Apple Store here.

Source: Candou


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