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Yu Yongfu Denies Baidu-UCWeb Acquisition Rumor

Though it has not been reported here on MobiSights, recent events have led some to believe that UCWeb, China’s top mobile browser, is in the process of negotiating an acquisition with Baidu, China’s top search engine.

Not true, says UCWeb CEO Yu Yongfu today on his Sina Weibo account. Claiming that UC has its “own great goals and ideals,” Yu Yongfu denied outright the idea that the company was looking for a buyout.

According to his estimation, there are too many rumors being spread about acquisitions lately, and UCWeb and Baidu’s supposed negotiation is completely imaginary. Saying that “April Fool’s Day has already long past,” Mr. Yu firmly stated his opposition to the rumors.

Yu Yongfu was a keynote speakers this year at GMIC2012.

Source: Sina Tech

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