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Rovio to Open Angry Birds Theme Parks in China

The team behind Angry Birds at Finland-based Rovio Entertainment is making some interesting new strides in China, announcing last week that it will be opening a number of new venues to promote its vastly popular franchise. Known for its aggressive merchandising and branding, the company has gained an impressive fan base worldwide, and it looks like their expansion is set to continue with a heavy focus on Mainland China’s retail and recreation industries.

Hoping to increase its appeal to the more “cultural elements” of China, the team announced last week that it will be opening stores in Beijing and Shanghai in July, as well as two theme parks, one in Shanghai’s Tongji University and another in Haining, a city in nearby Zhejiang province.

Rovio’s branding strategy has always put a great amount of weight on product visibility, and this move will likely be one of their boldest in China. Angry Birds has been in China since 2011, when they first came to grab China’s mobile gaming market by storm. Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” was a notable keynote speaker at GMIC2011. Rovio also attended GMIC2012, where their SVP Henri Holm participated in a panel on Mobile Games with other big names from PopCap, Halfbrick, ZeptoLab, and Outfit7.

Source: Sina Tech

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